Trumpet Player,
        Teacher,  and

Houston, Texas 

For the Fall Semester 2013, I have returned to UH Moores School of Music as Professor of Trumpet. For this I am very blessed, grateful and happy.  This gives me more students to assist, nice studios, and wonderful associates.     


In May 2012, I traveled to conduct a formal concert with the Altius Brass Ensemble. As you may know, this is a professional brass ensemble located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I met with individual trumpet players for professional instruction.  We even had a Master Class for trumpet students. This was a very fulfilling endeavor for me and I'd enjoy doing more of this as opportunities present themselves.

With the Fall Semester 2012, I began doing some consulting  workshops with trumpet sections at local high schools and middle schools in our area of Houston.  These workshops have added several new students such that my private student body is growing nicely in numbers and ability. 

Let me know if I can help you in this fashion.  Thank You!       Jim


Did you play the trumpet years ago? Did you enjoy it? Did you lose track of that "love"?
    Do you want to rekindle your love for trumpet in this different period of your life?   

Does your child show promise with the trumpet? Do you want them informally evaluated 
    by a professional performer? Do they need a professional mentor for the next level?     

Do the brass sections of your band or orchestra have specific needs; Perhaps they need
    help with breathing, performance stress, sound, intonation and embouchure problems, 
    or blending issues?

Do you want someone who for many years has taught high school students 
    and college Freshman through Doctorial students?

Do you want someone who has studied music seriously and performed professionally in 
    groups with high expectations?  

Then, may I humbly say, you want an Eastman School of Music graduate who was the 
  Principal with the Houston Symphony and the famed Eastman Wind Ensemble and is 
  Professor Emeritus of Trumpet at the University of Houston's Moores School of Music.

I'd be glad to work with you. And I think you will be very happy.

                                               You may contact me by email eastman59@sbcglobal.net

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